Harassment charges in Colorado can be a challenge

by | May 30, 2019 | Harassment | 0 comments

A “harassment” charge in Colorado can be based on a wide range of subjectively interpreted circumstances. This is not a charge that is typically found in other states in America. “Harass,” “annoy” and “alarm” are the terms that come into play in a harassment charge. But, what harasses, annoys or alarms one person may not affect another. The circumstances of each unique case are crucial.

All told, a harassment charge in Colorado can encompass quite a range of conduct. For example, pushing or shoving a person could be harassment, as could frequent unwanted attempts to contact a person on the phone or through social media, or even attempting to meet a person in a public place. A person who makes an obscene gesture in public could face a harassment charge, as could a person who uses insulting language. For our readers, it probably seems like almost anything that might “offend” a person could lead to a criminal charge. That, obviously, is quite concerning.

At our law firm, we know that despite the subjective nature of harassment charges there are hundreds of Colorado residents who face these charges each year. These arrestees may face jail time upon conviction, and probation supervision after that. All criminal charges are serious and, therefore, need to be taken seriously by criminal defendants.

Fortunately, defendants are entitled to legal options. They may want to explore a plea bargain. Or, they may want to take the case to trial. At our law firm, we do our best to attempt to make sure our clients know all of their legal options. For more information, please visit the harassment section of our law firm’s website.