The Courts Take Drug Crimes Seriously. So Do We.

The penalties for drug crimes are some of the most severe possible for any nonviolent offense. Even a minor drug conviction can carry very serious consequences such as ending your access to financial aid for college. You could face stiff fines and substantial prison time. Your conviction will be public record and can haunt you as you try to find a job, get housing and establish relationships. It can ruin your reputation in your community.

The professionals at Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC, have had nearly 30 years to learn every method available to protect your freedom and your future. When you put your trust in our lawyer, you get the benefits of our incredible work ethic and our proven track record of success in court.

We Handle All Types Of Drug Charges

We represent clients in northern Colorado against a variety of drug charges, including:

Our proven approach of hard work and honesty with our clients gets results.

Never Speak To The Police Before You Speak To An Attorney

Many people think that they can get the police to understand their situation. This is especially true when prescription drugs are involved because many prescription drug crimes start from a legitimate need for pain medication.

The police are not concerned with how your situation developed. All they care about is getting the evidence they need to convict you.

Do not tell the police your story; tell us instead. Let us evaluate your case. We look for procedure errors, problems with the evidence against you and violations of your right against illegal searches and seizures. In all cases, we aim for the best possible outcome.

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