Violent Crime Charges Can Carry Lasting Consequences

Being charged with a violent crime, such as felony assault, can be a harrowing experience. How will this impact your reputation, your job or your family? Will you have to spend time in jail? The first step in protecting your rights is seeking the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Do not give into the temptation to tell your side of the story to anyone who will listen, especially the police. Before saying or doing anything else, call 970-493-3600 or toll free 888-830-9445 for a free initial consultation with a Fort Collins violent crime defense attorney at our firm.

Skilled Handling Of Assault And Battery Charges

At the office of Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers represent people throughout northern Colorado against felony assault charges such as aggravated assault, felony menacing, and gun and weapons charges. We understand the importance of acting quickly to investigate the charges and challenge the case of the prosecution. Chances are the prosecutors have been looking everywhere for evidence, even where it does not exist. You can rely on us to be even more aggressive in defending your rights.

If obtaining a dismissal of the charges against you is not feasible, we will negotiate with the prosecutor’s office for a lesser charge or lower penalty. Although the majority of these cases can be resolved without the need for a trial, we are accomplished and confident trial lawyers who are willing to take your case to court to vindicate you.

There For You When The Stakes Are High

A conviction for felony assault could mean a mandatory minimum jail sentence and extensive fines. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer at the office of Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC, to discuss your legal defense options, contact our firm today by calling 970-493-3600.