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Defense against harsh consequences of a domestic violence charge

There are many criminal charges that come with a social stigma, regardless of whether the charge ultimately leads to a conviction. Domestic violence charges can be included in this category. Even if the charge is ultimately dismissed, or the defendant pleads guilty to another charge instead, simply being charged with domestic violence can come with some harsh consequences.

For example, a person in Colorado who has children and who is facing a domestic violence charge may be kept from seeing their children by a court order. Defendants could also be kept from returning to their homes, and they may not be able to call or otherwise contact the alleged victim in the case. Such "no contact" orders are common in domestic violence cases.

What are the potential consequences of a DUI charge?

Many Americans, probably including some of our readers in Colorado, think that a drunk driving charge is usually considered to be a "minor" criminal offense. After all, these days we all probably know at least one person who has been arrested for DUI, if not convicted for the charge. But, despite the perception that a DUI charge is a minor offense, there are actually some consequences to a DUI conviction that can be quite serious for a defendant.

So, what are the potential consequences of a DUI charge and conviction? Well, for starters, even just an arrest for DUI -- not a conviction -- can lead to embarrassment, family disputes and potentially even the loss of your job. These days many people are very quick to jump to conclusions, especially when it comes to employment and any transgressions a person may make in their personal life. Employers are quick to "cut their losses" with employees who are seen even slightly as a problem.

Suspect faces assault charge for allegedly hitting police officer

Any type of assault charge that a person faces in Colorado will be a difficult case to address for the defendant. Alleged violent crimes always are. However, when the alleged victim in such a case is a police officer, the defendant involved should expect to see a vigorous effort from law enforcement officials and the prosecution.

Such will likely be the case in the aftermath of a recent incident that occurred in the nearby community of Nederland. According to reports, a 32-year-old man was arrested after an alleged encounter with a police officer at a public library.

Don't forget these tips if a Colorado police officer stops you

Going to college in Colorado may wind up being one of the most memorable experiences of your life. If it's the first time you've ever been away from home, it might be exciting and greatly challenging at the same time. Like most college students, some of your days are likely better than others. You hopefully have a strong support system in place to help you get life back on track when the tough times hit hard.

Your friends, professors, tutors and guidance counselors can help you when you're struggling academically in school. Any number of other problems can arise while you're in college, however, and it's equally important to know where to seek support for such issues. For instance, if you get sick or suffer an injury, knowing where the nearest hospital is located is a must. What if a Colorado police officer pulls you over in traffic? Do you know your rights and how to protect them?

Know your options when it comes to DUI charges in Colorado

Most residents equate the holiday season with good times with family and friends, but for law enforcement officials, it is a time when almost any driver could be a potential drunk driver. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country typical enhance their DUI enforcement during this time of year.

DUI charges are some of the most common criminal cases in America. Our state is no exception to this trend. However, just because a person has been charged with a DUI offense does not automatically mean that the person will be convicted of the offense. With the right criminal defense strategy, it may be possible to reduce the charges in the case, or maybe even get the case dismissed entirely.

Domestic violence statistics could influence prosecution

When Colorado residents have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense as the result of a domestic violence incident, they will likely face more problems than just the criminal justice process. In our society, there are some criminal allegations that come with quite a bit of social stigma. Domestic violence charges are among those crimes. Conscious of this reality, and the statistics about domestic violence, some prosecutors may put extra effort into a domestic violence case.

Domestic violence, in general, can involve more than just physical abuse or assault. The statistics show that emotional abuse and intimidation can be considered domestic violence or abuse as well. And, instances of domestic violence may be more prevalent than many of our readers might realize. The statistics show that in one recent year -- 2014 -- almost 17,000 people in Colorado reported a domestic violence incident to law enforcement officials.

Fight at bar in Colorado leads to one arrest

The typical "barroom brawl" has been depicted in countless movies and television shows. But, despite the seemingly fictional nature of these types of scenes, the reality is that often, the combination of alcohol and short-tempers does, in fact, lead to fights in bars. That is true in our state and throughout the country.

According to a recent report, one such incident allegedly occurred in a bar in Colorado Springs called, "O'Furry's." The report indicates that in the alleged "brawl," a number of people suffered injuries, although it does not appear that any of the injuries were serious. When police officers were dispatched to the scene, an arrest was probably inevitable, and one person was indeed reportedly arrested.

What should one know about field sobriety tests?

DUI arrests are common in Colorado as they are in most states throughout the country. We all know the danger that drunk driving presents, but it still occurs. During the course of a traffic stop in which a police officer is investigating the possibility of drunk driving, field sobriety tests are likely to occur.

So, what should our readers know about fields sobriety tests? Well, for starters, it is important to understand that these tests, even if a person fails them, are not absolutely certain to be a reliable way to determine a person's level of sobriety or intoxication. Police officers use these tests in a cumulative fashion, considering the results of the tests among other factors when making a determination about whether to arrest a suspect on DUI charges.

Did police have a valid reason to pull you over?

Here in Colorado, people charged with drunk driving face serious penalties and repercussions, some of which can impact a person for the rest of his or her life. It is prudent to confront these charges with a strong defense, starting with carefully evaluating the initial suspected drunk driving traffic stop. Without a valid reason, called reasonable suspicion, police cannot pull a driver over. 

Upon evaluation of your case, it may be evident that the grounds for your initial traffic stop and DUI charges are unfounded. This could undermine the entire case against you. If you think there are issues with the prosecution's case or you want to build a strong defense against DUI charges, you would be wise to take quick action as soon as possible.

Defending oneself against criminal harassment charges

Some Colorado residents may be familiar with, "criminal harassment" charges, but, since this is a somewhat different charge than what some others might see in different states, it can require a bit of explanation. In essence, a criminal harassment charge can come up if a person harasses, annoys or alarms another person. Put simply, such a charge could encompass a wide-range of behavior or conduct.

This charge can commonly be at issue in domestic disputes of varying types, but particularly those between a husband and wife. However, these are not the only relationships in which a criminal harassment charge might arise. Disputes between boyfriends and girlfriends, and even just friends, can lead to a criminal harassment charge, especially if there is any type of physical touching, such as pushing or shoving. However, other conduct may be part of the charge as well, such as obscene gestures, insulting language or even conduct that might be commonly associated with stalking, such as driving by a person's home frequently and calling them on the phone non-stop.

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