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Know your options when it comes to DUI charges in Colorado

Most residents equate the holiday season with good times with family and friends, but for law enforcement officials, it is a time when almost any driver could be a potential drunk driver. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country typical enhance their DUI enforcement during this time of year.

Domestic violence statistics could influence prosecution

When Colorado residents have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense as the result of a domestic violence incident, they will likely face more problems than just the criminal justice process. In our society, there are some criminal allegations that come with quite a bit of social stigma. Domestic violence charges are among those crimes. Conscious of this reality, and the statistics about domestic violence, some prosecutors may put extra effort into a domestic violence case.

Fight at bar in Colorado leads to one arrest

The typical "barroom brawl" has been depicted in countless movies and television shows. But, despite the seemingly fictional nature of these types of scenes, the reality is that often, the combination of alcohol and short-tempers does, in fact, lead to fights in bars. That is true in our state and throughout the country.

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