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What are the basics about assault laws in Colorado?

Not every confrontation between two individuals in Colorado turns physical. But, when such a situation does occur, one or more individuals could be facing assault charges. Anyone who is facing such a charge would likely benefit from knowing more information about assault laws in Colorado.

Colorado college students: Reasons for drinking, and consequences

Many Colorado college students have begun their second semesters and are continuing to work toward their ultimate goals for earning degrees in their chosen fields of study. If you're one of them, you may already be longing for spring break, which isn't too far off. Perhaps you have plans to hit the beach or to go home and enjoy some recreation time with family and friends. On or off-campus, as a college student, you're always at risk for health or legal problems associated with alcohol consumption.

Change in definition of domestic violence could have consequences

Colorado residents know that being charged with a domestic violence crime comes with all sorts of negative consequences. For starters, just being arrested for this type of criminal charge can come with an immediate social stigma. Friends and family members may view the individual differently, or the charge may impact a custody arrangement related to children. Then, if a conviction does come from the case, the defendant will likely face jail time, fines, probation and probably an order to attend counseling or anger control classes.

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