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I highly recommend Eric Sunness as an attorney. I came to him with a driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) charge scared and unsure of what was going to happen to me. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and calm. I could tell that I was in good hands, and that he would do everything in his power to have the best outcome for me. In the end, Eric was able to get my DUI reduced to reckless driving and even had my fine dropped. This was the best possible outcome. I was able to keep my driving privileges, and a DUI off my record.

I was referred to Eric Sunness by my attorney after my ex-wife and her attorney had me falsely arrested for harassment. This charge automatically includes an additional charge of domestic violence with a state-issued no contact order. When I met with Eric the first time, both he and his staff were very professional and understanding of my situation. My case got drawn out an extended amount of time over seven months. I was extremely impressed with Eric’s concern for my case. He remained in constant contact with me and always responded in a timely manner with any of my concerns. In preparation for my trial, he put in a lot of time prepping, researching and asking questions that would prove my innocence. Once it came to the trial and seeing Eric in action fighting for me and my future, I was blown away. I immediately knew that he was going to do everything in his power to get a “NOT GUILTY” verdict. I could tell he put in the time and hard work it was going to take to get me off these false charges. His cross-examination of the alleged victim and witnesses was to say the least impressive. By the end of the day, I was found NOT GUILTY. Truly believe if it wasn’t for Eric and his staff bringing the truth to the surface my future would have been forever tarnished with a domestic violence charge on my record. He’s a great man that fought to the end for me, and I will never forget it. I would DEFINITELY recommend him if you’re in a tight spot looking for a top-notch experienced attorney!

Eric is a great attorney. I found myself on the receiving end of the legal barrel and was terrified that my professional life and career were headed into the fires of Hades. My professional license is my ticket to work in the health care industry. I made some poor decisions that could have lead to a felony on my record; needless to say, this would have ended my career of choice. Eric was able to assist me to plead down the charge to a misdemeanor, protecting my license, my job and career and my ability to provide for my family. By explaining the legalese, procedures and the likely outcomes, Eric calmed my frayed nerves and expertly guided my decisions. I would recommend my family to Eric (high praise from a health care provider). Thanks Eric.

I highly recommend Eric A. Sunness as an attorney. I was charged with a DUI, hit-and-run, and failure to notify police. Eric knows his law. He is a great person and worked so hard and brought the truth out at trial. This was a very stressful time in my life, and Eric showed great compassion, and he was truly on my side. This could have been a disaster without him. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much for the amount of time you invested in my case, and just the trust you showed to me. If you want a lawyer who believes in your rights then there is no better.

I highly recommend Eric Sunness and his team to anyone looking for legal assistance. Eric did everything in his power to get me the best deal possible considering my circumstances. They were able to answer all my questions very thoroughly and clearly throughout the entire process along with making me feel confident that I would be taken care of.

Sunness went above and beyond in assisting me with my issue. It gave me some peace of mind to know that I had such an excellent attorney in my corner.

I found Eric A. Sunness on the Internet during my search for help. After researching several attorneys, I called Eric and explained my situation. I instantly got the feeling that, not only did he understand but also knew how best to protect and defend me in my time of need. My case had limited time to prepare and Eric was on top of it within a few days. If you are looking for a hardworking, honest professional who won’t tell you stories to make you feel better, then Eric A. Sunness is the attorney you are looking for! Thanks Eric for all your help!

Eric and his office staff were so easy to work with and made the process simple for me, which was important as I lived out of state. He was always prompt at returning my calls and answering any question I may have had. He got my case dismissed quickly. I was very happy to work with him and would use him again if I needed to.

I would absolutely recommend Eric Sunness. He helped me with a legal issue regarding parenting rights. He is a very professional and capable lawyer. I am extremely pleased with the way he handled my case. He gave me a lot of good advice and provided me with reference material to read so I could be better informed about my situation. He is a very effective lawyer. I would hire him again no question about it.

I truly believe that Eric sincerely cares, beyond the professional aspect, about his clients, and that he works for the client first, the attorney fees second.

Eric provided me with exceptional legal services in the area of criminal law and alcohol-related incidences in 2013. He handled the situation extremely professionally and, through determination and hard work, was able to get the charges held against me dropped. Eric is a great lawyer with a true passion for aiding his clientele. I recommend him for any DUI traffic-related offenses.

Eric was very easy to work with, he got my case dismissed very quickly. He was always quick to respond to any questions I had, keeping me informed of any progress in my case.

Thank you so much for your work on my case. Your expert knowledge of the Colorado DUI laws and rules proved exceptional. From our first meeting on the Sunday before New Year’s Eve through sentencing, your guidance and empathy helped me navigate the worst situation of my life. During our first meeting, you informed me of the worst-case scenario and then proceeded to work my case. While there were mandatory sentencing requirements that couldn’t be avoided, you were able to have my case dismissed during the administrative hearing allowing me to keep my driving privileges. You definitely know what you’re doing, and I was constantly impressed with how you worked on my case. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. You earned every dollar!

My experience with Mr. Sunness was very nice. He was very professional and knowledgeable. When I got my DUI, he explained what was going to happen. That was very nice cause I had no idea what to expect. He kept me informed on what was going on the whole time. It was very nice that he didn’t take the first plea bargain. He fought to get the best one and in the end was able to get my DUI differed. When it was nearing the time for my final court date he let me know. I would recommend Mr. Sunness to anyone.

Eric provided me with top-notch legal advice and representation in a DWAI case. I live on the East Coast, which complicates matters; however, Eric made the process essentially seamless. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in a second!

Eric and his competent team are the epitome of what all legal representation should be modeled after. Eric stays calm throughout all of the emotionally challenging components that come with resolving sensitive legal issues. I have always been able to count on Eric to be fair and trustworthy and beyond the expectation of mere representation. Eric goes the extra distance to provide sound options to choose from when resolving legal issues. Eric has been my attorney for over 20 years, and I highly recommend his services.

I used Eric Sunness for two different cases. I find him a compassionate man and a gifted lawyer. I was pleased with the outcome of both cases.

In April, I was charged with domestic violence when in reality I was the victim in the situation. Eric Sunness worked extremely hard on my case researching the other individual I was up against, he used his good reputation and knowledge to work with the district attorneys involved in my case, and he was passionate about helping me get rid of my charges. Eric and his staff are excellent communicators and always followed through when they said they were going to do something. He is fair when it comes to expenses. He went out of his way to make sure I had as little stress as possible and didn’t have to deal with steps in this legal process that were not necessary. Eric doesn’t rush through anything in order to “get to the next thing.” He pays great attention to details and because of this and our collaboration of information on my case, the charges against me were dropped. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a better attorney to represent me and help me get through this tough period in my life. Eric knew how to interact with the district attorneys in a way that represented me strongly while keeping a good relationship with them. He went above and beyond what I expected, and I am so grateful for that because now I will never have to deal with this legal situation again. Mr. Sunness is an excellent attorney that truly does show compassion and truly does care about each case he handles.

I highly recommend Eric Sunness as an excellent attorney for anyone caught unfairly in the legal system. I was blindsided when a friend of the family filed a restraining order, including stalking charges. I took this very seriously because I have never had any problems with the law in the past and because the charge was 100 percent fabricated. I was referred to Eric along with the names of a couple other lawyers. I began to call each referred lawyer and Eric was the only one who returned my call the same day. He took the time to meet with me and listened to my very detailed account of my involvement in the legal matter. First and foremost, he trusted my facts and then he took additional information and prepared over 100 percent for the hearing. He was experienced enough to not cancel our witnesses when the plaintiff said she would not be going forward with the hearing and then showed up to have her “day in court” hoping there would be no witnesses. Eric was so well-prepared and professional. He worked hard for my name both inside and outside of the courtroom, and we got a better outcome than we had hoped for. Several times, I felt frightened and scared that I would not have a fair hearing, but Eric told me to relax and he would work hard to see the best possible outcome was achieved. He does not like to lose. It is nice to know a lawyer with so much experience and talent, and I will recommend and use him in the future if ever a need like this comes up. I thank Eric Sunness for everything he did to help me through this legal nightmare.

We hired Mr. Sunness to help one of our adult children who was falsely accused of criminal activity. Mr. Sunness was extremely professional and supportive in all of our interactions with him. He was also realistic and prepared us for all possible outcomes with each step in the process. His level of knowledge impressed us and allowed us to feel confident with him as our attorney. Mr. Sunness was not afraid to push for answers from those in high places, and he persisted until we were communicated with. Calling him was the absolute best thing to do! With his guidance and support, everything turned out completely in our favor. Had we not called him, I am sure the outcome for us would have been very different.

I was accused of a horrible crime that I did not commit. From day one, Eric assured me that he would protect me from the consequences that I didn’t deserve, and he absolutely followed through. He was patient, professional, kind and efficient in his work. I owe more to him than words can speak. I highly recommend him.

Eric has a unique ability to be a great listener to what the issue is for which I was in need of his services. From there, he asked follow-up questions designed to be sure he had fully understood the complete scope of what needed to be done. He then presented a number of options on how we could proceed and weighted the likely outcomes for each option. I find his manner to be calming yet efficient, and always reassuring. He gave me great confidence that his advice was based upon his past performances and their outcomes in each area. When I was unsure of what to do, he took the time to explain what he thought would be best and why. In taking his advice, we did achieve the outcomes desired on my case. I have always been very satisfied with Eric’s work and have recommended him highly to others.

I never could have imagined needing the services of a criminal attorney. But when my worst nightmares came true, it was Eric Sunness who helped me through it. Mr. Sunness was very assertive and professional with my case while also being very compassionate, patient and sensitive with me in my desperately low emotional state. His legal assistant, Tammy, was also very kind and understanding. Mr. Sunness ended up getting my case dismissed and all charges dropped. If you need a lawyer, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Eric Sunness.

Eric Sunness helped me with my case and was very knowledgeable about what was needed to move forward. I would highly recommend Eric. If it was not for his dedication to my case my life would be ruined. Thank you so much for your help, Eric. A very great man.

Eric Sunness has been our family attorney for several years. He helped me through my high-conflict case with great expertise. He has also represented my children concerning some very poor decisions they have made. Both of my children ended up without convictions on their records. Eric has always been professional and has had such a positive impact on my life and the lives of my children. If you have the need for a criminal defense lawyer, I would recommend him highly. His legal assistant is second to none as well.

Eric took a very professional approach to my case and was very informative in all matters. He took my matters very seriously and took many different factors into consideration into my pretrial negotiations. Eric was very knowledgeable about my legal process and represented my case with great knowledge of the circumstances while providing me with the information necessary to be successful after the result. I strongly recommend Eric to anyone seeking legal advice and assistance in northern Colorado. Legal Issue: DUI/DWI

I very highly recommend Eric Sunness for cases. Eric assisted me with a very lengthy and complicated matter. Throughout the one-and-a-half years we worked together, Eric was professional and compassionate, and provided accurate and realistic information regarding how the case would proceed. His decorum with the judge and other personnel involved in my case was impeccable. Courteous and respectful, Eric did not unnecessarily enter into courtroom drama or respond to baiting, but most certainly represented me effectively, choosing to address issues fully and clearly. Eric’s assistant is also very professional and thorough, and is an absolute asset to Eric’s practice. Billing was prompt, and questions were quickly answered. Again, I highly recommend Eric for legal representation.

I recommend Eric Sunness without hesitation. His proficient and compassionate representation meant the world to me. Years later, I am still grateful and appreciative of all that Eric did for me. His devotion, care and experience make him (in my opinion) the best lawyer anyone could have representing them. I had a positive experience with Eric and will be forever grateful.

Mr. Sunness was a very helpful and friendly attorney. He helped reduce my charge and gave me wonderful advice on how to quickly and successfully get through my probation. He is also a really nice guy!

Eric A. Sunness did an amazing job for me. I was charged with domestic violence and trespassing. Eric was able to negotiate an amazing deal with the district attorney and all of my charges were dropped. Eric and his staff are extremely professional. He was worth every penny. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me.

Thank goodness for Eric Sunness. I am the mother of a college student in Fort Collins. I live in another state and when my daughter decided to make some poor decisions I reached out to Eric Sunness for help. He was more than an attorney to my daughter. With his guidance, he was able to assist her through the court system. All in all, she went away a lucky girl. I am positive that would not have occurred if she had to go through the process alone. After the second alcohol charge as a minor, Eric made sure that her probation from the first occurrence) was not revoked. Do yourself a favor and call Eric if your kids end up in some trouble whether they are away from home or local. It was a huge peace of mind for myself. A weight was lifted after the first phone call; as soon as I spoke to his legal assistant, who by the way, is extremely helpful herself. Thank you Eric and Tammy.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I was charged with a Class IV felony for theft. I was facing two to six years in prison and three years of mandatory parole. Mr. Sunness was able to get me an unsupervised deferred sentence for one year with no jail time, no supervised probation and no useful public service. He really came through for me. He was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns and fears. I recommend him highly and suggest that anyone who is facing jail time contact him.

I am in the middle of my process, and Eric Sunness has made it as easy and painless as it could be given the circumstances. He and his staff have been exceptional in working through this tough time with me. I will continue to utilize Eric’s services for any future legal needs.

My family has used the services of Eric Sunness for legal advice and legal representation for several years. No matter what your situation is Eric will handle the issue with expert and accurate legal advice while making you completely comfortable about your legal matters. Eric cares about people, and he will work diligently to resolve your legal matters.

Eric Sunness and his team helped make a difficult time in my life as easy as it possibly could be. Eric was upfront and honest with his advice for me as well as extremely professional when at times I found it difficult for myself to be.

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