Vehicular Homicide & Vehicular Assault

If you run a stop sign or traffic signal and it results in a car accident, you may only be charged with a traffic violation. However, if someone is hurt or killed and you have been drinking, you could be facing the serious charge of vehicular homicide. This serious charge requires a skilled defense from an experienced attorney.

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You Do Not Have To Be Legally Impaired To Face A Felony Vehicular Assault Arrest

Most people do not realize that you do not have to be legally impaired to be charged with felony vehicular assault or vehicular homicide. If you have been drinking or driving under the influence of drugs, regardless of the level of intoxication, you can face serious felony charges. A felony conviction could result in:

  • A mandatory prison sentence
  • Loss of civil rights
  • Loss of gun ownership privileges
  • Additional license suspension
  • Damaged employment prospects

You do not even have to be the at-fault driver to face felony vehicular assault or vehicular homicide charges. If you were impaired, the state can claim that your consumption of alcohol was the proximate cause of the car accident. Any prior alcohol or reckless driving convictions can result in penalty enhancements that can translate into additional jail or prison time.

Due to the seriousness of the charges, you should not make statements to anyone following the accident (even to your own insurance adjuster) before you have spoken with a lawyer. As your lawyers, we will aggressively challenge the strength of the state’s case against you and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Click below to read the official Colorado statutory definitions for these offenses:

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