What Should You Do If You Get Pulled Over?

The red lights are flashing and the siren is blaring: You are getting pulled over. If you have been drinking, you may wonder what is expected of you. Are you required to take a Breathalyzer? Will you go to jail? Should you call a lawyer?

Since 1993, Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC, has provided honest answers and reliable representation for drunk driving and other traffic violations cases. Offering a free initial consultation and a student discount, we charge a reasonable flat fee for DUI/DWAI offenses. Contact our Fort Collins firm by calling 970-493-3600 or 888-830-9445, or you may complete the online intake form.

Protecting Your Rights Throughout The Arrest Process

When you are pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk, the officer will likely conduct field sobriety tests, including a breath test.

If your blood alcohol level is greater than .08, you will be arrested, charged with DUI/DWAI and given a summons, which will contain a date to appear in court for a first return. If you retain the criminal defense services of our lawyers and staff early enough in the case, you may be able to avoid the initial court appearance.

In building your defense, we will gather all discovery pertinent to your case, including the incident report, witness statements, and audio and video recordings. Then we will schedule a pretrial conference with the district attorney, which provides an opportunity to discuss the case in detail and to attempt to negotiate a favorable resolution.

If your DUI/DWAI attorney and the prosecutor are unable to agree upon a resolution to the charges prior to a trial, your case will proceed to formal trial. At trial, our lawyers will aggressively defend you by questioning evidentiary issues, witness concerns and law enforcement procedures. We will also work to show the judge that you have accepted responsibility and have or will engage in rehabilitation. The judge will sentence you based on numerous factors, including age, criminal record and type of offense.

Preserving Your Driving Privileges

Once you have been arrested and charged with DUI/DWAI, you face more than just criminal proceedings. You must request a hearing with the Colorado Department of Revenue within seven days of receiving a notice of driver’s license revocation to attempt to preserve your driving privileges. If a temporary permit is not issues, the nine-month revocation goes into effect on the eighth day, even if there is a timely request for a hearing. After 30 days, it may be possible for individuals, except for minors, to have their driving privileges reinstated with an eight-month interlock restricted license.

Offering You Experienced Counsel And Defense

With nearly 30 years of experience, our firm has developed a reputation for providing high-quality representation in alcohol-related cases and in criminal offenses. To discuss your legal option following a drunk driving or pretextual stops arrest, call 970-493-3600 or complete the online intake form.