The Harsh Realities Of A Domestic Violence Charge

A domestic violence charge is unlike any other criminal charge. You are immediately subjected to many of the same brutal penalties you may face if you are later convicted.

As soon as a charge of domestic violence is leveled against you, a restraining order will be put in place — possibly even before you can contact a defense lawyer. At that point, you may suffer many of the following consequences:

  • You may become unable to return to the home you share with the other party.
  • You may temporarily lose visitation with your minor children.
  • You may have to surrender your firearms to the police.
  • You may be banned from all contact with the party, including calls, emails and communication through third parties or social media.

Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the seriousness of these restrictions. Any violation of your restraining order, no matter how minor, is a new charge. You can end up in a downward spiral that will destroy the life you know.

A conviction is even worse. You can lose your immigration status. You can lose your career. You can lose custody of your children. You can be branded a violent criminal even if you were only trying to defend yourself.

Protect Yourself From Conviction

Whether a heated argument at home spun out of control or you are the victim of false charges, the police may make an arrest and press charges of domestic violence without understanding the full situation. You can find yourself facing prosecution even if you did nothing wrong.

The people at Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC, can guide you out of this nightmare. We know what it takes to keep you out of additional trouble. We know what it takes to successfully challenge the charges.

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