Protect Your License To Drive After Refusing A Chemical Test

Sometimes, refusing to participate in a chemical test without a warrant is the best choice. If you knew that you could not pass a blood test, Breathalyzer or urinalysis, refusal could keep the prosecution from gaining concrete evidence that could lead to a conviction for drunk or drugged driving.

It was also a wise choice if you suspected that you would show an especially high level of intoxication — which now means mandatory jail time even for first offenses.

However, you are not out of the woods yet. Implied consent laws make submitting to a chemical test for drugs or alcohol a condition to keep your driver’s license. If you do not take immediate action to protect yourself, you could lose your license for a year.

How A Defense Attorney Can Help You

Losing your license to drive may be preferable than spending time in jail, but you can minimize the consequences of a test refusal through quick, aggressive legal action.

An experienced defense lawyer knows that this is a confusing, frightening time for you. However, a single mistake should not be allowed to disrupt your entire life. A defense attorney who handles DUI, DWAI and DUID cases can guide you through the next steps so that you stay in compliance with the law. That helps you avoid compounding your problems.

An attorney can also help you secure an early reinstatement of your driver’s license, with an ignition interlock, after only 60 days. This is a quick way to get your life back on track and put your legal woes behind you.

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