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What should one know about field sobriety tests?

DUI arrests are common in Colorado as they are in most states throughout the country. We all know the danger that drunk driving presents, but it still occurs. During the course of a traffic stop in which a police officer is investigating the possibility of drunk driving, field sobriety tests are likely to occur.

Did police have a valid reason to pull you over?

Here in Colorado, people charged with drunk driving face serious penalties and repercussions, some of which can impact a person for the rest of his or her life. It is prudent to confront these charges with a strong defense, starting with carefully evaluating the initial suspected drunk driving traffic stop. Without a valid reason, called reasonable suspicion, police cannot pull a driver over. 

Defending oneself against criminal harassment charges

Some Colorado residents may be familiar with, "criminal harassment" charges, but, since this is a somewhat different charge than what some others might see in different states, it can require a bit of explanation. In essence, a criminal harassment charge can come up if a person harasses, annoys or alarms another person. Put simply, such a charge could encompass a wide-range of behavior or conduct.

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