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Harassment charges in Colorado can be a challenge

A "harassment" charge in Colorado can be based on a wide range of subjectively interpreted circumstances. This is not a charge that is typically found in other states in America. "Harass," "annoy" and "alarm" are the terms that come into play in a harassment charge. But, what harasses, annoys or alarms one person may not affect another. The circumstances of each unique case are crucial.

Is a fake ID worth the risk?

Classes are over for the semester, and you are ready for a few months of relaxing before the next, more intense semester begins. If you plan on hanging out with some friends, you might decide to check out some of the local bars, or just grab some beer from the liquor store or grocery store. The only catch is that you have not yet reached your 21st birthday.

Common penalties in a DUI case

Many of our readers in Colorado may know that there are some significant penalties associated with being convicted on a drunk driving charge, not the least of which is a driver's license suspension. Having your driver's license suspended can be crippling, leaving you dependent upon others for rides to work or the grocery store, for example, and in general not allowing the freedom of movement you had before. However, beyond a driver's license suspension, there are some other common penalties associated with a conviction for DUI that can change the way you live your life.

Domestic violence statistics lead to harsh enforcement of laws

There is no doubt that domestic violence is a serious issue in America, and Colorado is not exempt from this concern. There are prevalent statistics that show that domestic violence can occur in many different family situations, across the entire spectrum of socioeconomical status. However, the spotlight that is on domestic violence, especially in recent years, may be leading to overly harsh application of laws that can lead to arrests and convictions, perhaps undeserved.

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