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Defending against assault charges in Colorado

Most people in Colorado have found themselves in tense situations with other people before, but not every instance of tension between individuals leads to a physical altercation. But, unfortunately, sometimes physical altercations do occur. The circumstances of the incident may matter more to the people involved than it does to any law enforcement officials or prosecutors who get involved in the case. Either way, someone may end up facing an assault charge due to these situations.

St. Patrick's Day DUI enforcement nets nearly 300 arrests

Many people in Colorado and throughout the country celebrated the St. Patrick's Day holiday in March. For some, this means celebrating their Irish heritage. For others, it is an opportunity to celebrate at parties with friends and family members, perhaps drinking a green beer or two. Of course, law enforcement officials know the tendency of some people to drink alcohol on this particular holiday, which is why it is not uncommon to see increased DUI patrols around this time of the year.

Choosing the right DUI defense strategy is critical

Every Colorado DUI case is different, and each DUI defense strategy should be different as well. If you are facing these types of criminal charges, it is critical to choose the right approach for your defense. Your future and freedom are at stake, and it's worth the effort to custom-tailor a plan to suit your goals and the unique details of your case.

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