The wide-ranging consequences of a domestic violence conviction

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Domestic Violence | 0 comments

American society seems to have lost sight of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” when it comes to criminal charges. Widespread media coverage of the initial facts and allegations in a criminal case are rarely supplemented with additional facts as the case develops. The “sensationalism” aspect of criminal case media coverage certainly is not in favor of a Colorado resident who is charged with a crime.

However, there is perhaps no charge like a domestic violence charge that comes with such loaded character assassination allegations, leading to wide-ranging consequences for a person charged with such a crime, even if the case is later dismissed or leads to a guilty plea on other charges. Our readers know from previous posts here that domestic violence charges come with a social stigma that is hard to escape.

People who are charged with a domestic violence crime not only must deal with the criminal justice process and all of the stress that entails, but they may also face extreme difficulties in their personal lives due to the charge. An employer of the suspect, for example, may not want to be associated with a person who is facing a domestic violence charge – even if a conviction has not occurred yet. That could lead to job loss. Additionally, the suspect may be facing family law complications as well, such as court orders regarding their contact and relationship with their significant other or even their kids.

Colorado residents who are facing domestic violence charges need to have a strong legal defense strategy. At our law firm, we work with arrestees who are looking for options in the aftermath of a domestic violence arrest. For more information, please visit the domestic violence overview section of our law firm’s website.