What are the basics about assault laws in Colorado?

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Assault | 0 comments

Not every confrontation between two individuals in Colorado turns physical. But, when such a situation does occur, one or more individuals could be facing assault charges. Anyone who is facing such a charge would likely benefit from knowing more information about assault laws in Colorado.

So, what are the basics about assault laws in Colorado? Well, for starters, there are varying degrees of assault, based on the facts of the case. The more a person is proved to have intended to harm another individual, as well as the more severe the injuries are, the higher the level of charge an individual is likely to face.

For instance, if a person recklessly or knowingly injures another person, or if a person through criminal negligence injures another by use of a deadly weapon, that individual may face a lower level assault charge. But, on the other hand, if a person intends to cause serious bodily harm that person will likely face a higher degree of assault charges in Colorado.

Of course, our readers probably know that any time a person’s “intent” is part of the elements of a criminal charge, there may be a possibility to present a solid defense strategy. After all, it can be hard to determine what a person is thinking at any given time, which is why assault charges are mostly focused on a person’s actions to determine intent. Colorado residents who are facing an assault charge will want to explore the potential options in their own unique case.