What are the potential consequences of a DUI charge?

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Dui | 0 comments

Many Americans, probably including some of our readers in Colorado, think that a drunk driving charge is usually considered to be a “minor” criminal offense. After all, these days we all probably know at least one person who has been arrested for DUI, if not convicted for the charge. But, despite the perception that a DUI charge is a minor offense, there are actually some consequences to a DUI conviction that can be quite serious for a defendant.

So, what are the potential consequences of a DUI charge and conviction? Well, for starters, even just an arrest for DUI — not a conviction — can lead to embarrassment, family disputes and potentially even the loss of your job. These days many people are very quick to jump to conclusions, especially when it comes to employment and any transgressions a person may make in their personal life. Employers are quick to “cut their losses” with employees who are seen even slightly as a problem.

But, beyond job loss for an arrest, a conviction can lead to even more problems for a Colorado resident. A conviction on DUI charges can lead to a term of court supervision, in which time the person is obligated to report to a probation officer and share details of their life. The court supervision term will also likely include an order for the defendant to attend substance abuse or alcohol counseling as well.

Perhaps the most debilitating consequence is one that some people don’t expect: a driver’s license suspension. We all probably take it for granted that we are able to hop in our vehicles and drive wherever we want, whenever we want. But, if a person with a suspended driver’s license were to do so, that person would be committing another criminal offense. There is no doubt about it: the consequences of a DUI charge and conviction can be severe.