Fight at bar in Colorado leads to one arrest

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Assault | 0 comments

The typical “barroom brawl” has been depicted in countless movies and television shows. But, despite the seemingly fictional nature of these types of scenes, the reality is that often, the combination of alcohol and short-tempers does, in fact, lead to fights in bars. That is true in our state and throughout the country.

According to a recent report, one such incident allegedly occurred in a bar in Colorado Springs called, “O’Furry’s.” The report indicates that in the alleged “brawl,” a number of people suffered injuries, although it does not appear that any of the injuries were serious. When police officers were dispatched to the scene, an arrest was probably inevitable, and one person was indeed reportedly arrested.

Strangely enough, the one arrest that occurred was not based on the actions that occurred in the brawl that took place before police officers arrived on the scene. The arrestee allegedly kicked one of the police officers who was responding to the location.

The report details that this arrestee was actually being restrained by responding officers when he allegedly kicked one of the police officers in the groin. That officer allegedly suffered pain, but was not injured by the reported assault.

The report indicates that in order to break up the brawl, the police officers who reported to the scene needed to use pepper spray. In all, it appears that several people needed medical attention after this incident in Colorado Springs, but it does not appear that anyone was hospitalized. For the individual who was arrested, now is the time to start planning a criminal defense strategy.