Domestic violence statistics could influence prosecution

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Domestic Violence | 0 comments

When Colorado residents have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense as the result of a domestic violence incident, they will likely face more problems than just the criminal justice process. In our society, there are some criminal allegations that come with quite a bit of social stigma. Domestic violence charges are among those crimes. Conscious of this reality, and the statistics about domestic violence, some prosecutors may put extra effort into a domestic violence case.

Domestic violence, in general, can involve more than just physical abuse or assault. The statistics show that emotional abuse and intimidation can be considered domestic violence or abuse as well. And, instances of domestic violence may be more prevalent than many of our readers might realize. The statistics show that in one recent year — 2014 — almost 17,000 people in Colorado reported a domestic violence incident to law enforcement officials.

The prevalence of domestic violence in America has many law enforcement agencies and prosecution offices placing special focus on arresting individuals for these crimes and vigorously pursuing convictions. Prosecutors are aware that many domestic violence incidents may in fact be the culmination of years in a strained relationship.

Defendants in a domestic violence case will need to focus their efforts on crafting a sound defense strategy. Unlike some other criminal charges a resident might face, the perception of someone who has been charged with domestic violence may be significantly negative from the get-go. Defendants will need to be ready to counter the prosecution’s best efforts.