Did police have a valid reason to pull you over?

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Here in Colorado, people charged with drunk driving face serious penalties and repercussions, some of which can impact a person for the rest of his or her life. It is prudent to confront these charges with a strong defense, starting with carefully evaluating the initial suspected drunk driving traffic stop. Without a valid reason, called reasonable suspicion, police cannot pull a driver over. 

Upon evaluation of your case, it may be evident that the grounds for your initial traffic stop and DUI charges are unfounded. This could undermine the entire case against you. If you think there are issues with the prosecution’s case or you want to build a strong defense against DUI charges, you would be wise to take quick action as soon as possible.

What counts as reasonable suspicion?

Police and law enforcement have the authority to pull over a driver when they suspect that he or she has committed a violation of the law. In most cases, this means suspected drugged driving or suspected drunk driving. This means that there must a clear reason for the traffic stop, which protects the rights of civilians.

Part of building your DUI defense may mean determining if there was a violation of your personal rights or problem due to an invalid traffic stop. Examples of reasonable suspicion include the following:

  • Speeding and then slowing down without reason
  • Stopping the vehicle in the road at random intervals
  • Driving while straddling the center line
  • Driving through intersections without stopping
  • Drifting from lane to lane or swerving

Upon pulling a driver over, the officer may then ask that individual to submit to sobriety tests. If he or she does not pass, the officer may order a chemical test in order to determine blood alcohol content. However, if you can prove there was no reasonable suspicion, it could invalidate any evidence against you connected with the traffic stop.

Experience matters in DUI defense 

If there is a possibility that you experienced a violation of your rights in the course of your traffic stop or other interaction with law enforcement, you have the right to speak up and fight back. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and identify the most effective defense approach for your individual situation. This takes experience and knowledge of how DUI cases work. When it is your future and your personal freedoms at stake, you do not want to take risks with your defense.