Suspect arrested in alleged assault on Uber driver

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Assault | 0 comments

A previous post here mentioned the potential consequences of an assault conviction for Colorado residents. Make no mistake – an assault charge can be difficult to overcome. There are oftentimes eyewitnesses to the incident, as well as potential injuries that can be photographed by law enforcement officials and later shown to a jury to incite their views on the effect of the assault.

According to a recent report, a 22-year-old man may be facing these difficulties in the aftermath of his arrest for assault on September 12. The alleged incident occurred a day earlier, on September 11, in the early morning hours. The reports indicate that the alleged victim, a 63-year-old female, is an Uber driver who was transporting the suspect at the time of the alleged assault. According to the details of the report, the victim suffered bite injuries and was struck several times, and there are even allegations that the suspect attempted to sexually assault the victim as well.

The alleged incident came to a stop when the victim was able to leave the vehicle and, then, the alleged suspect took the vehicle and left the scene. The reports indicate that the suspect was still in possession of the victim’s car at the time of his arrest on September 12.

Now, the 22-year-old suspect is facing a litany of felony charges, ranging from assault to robbery. In such a case, the defendant will have a tough time overcoming what seems like insurmountable evidence, but, like all criminal defendants, this man has a constitutional right to assert a defense to the charges he faces.