Protect yourself against an assault conviction

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Assault | 0 comments

There are many types of crimes in Colorado and throughout the country that are labeled as “violent” crimes. Assault is one of them. Being charged with a violent crime is a serious matter, as any subsequent conviction that results from the charges can lead to a term of imprisonment, a lengthy probation term and even costly fines and court costs.

However, the reality of many assault cases is that they are based on shoddy eyewitness testimony and, in most cases, differing views as to how the physical altercation began. In some instances, both the alleged “victim” and “suspect” will tell the law enforcement officers who are investigating the case that the other is the one who threw the first punch – making it a case of self-defense for the other person. In such a situation – which may be occurring late at night at a public location – the police officers on the scene will likely just be focused on getting the situation under control. That might mean arresting everyone involved and then figuring out who to charge later.

Another factor that can complicate assault cases is that many suspects feel compelled to tell their side of the story right away. However, as most of our readers know, anyone who is arrested has a “right to remain silent.” In many cases, it is prudent for an arrestee to exercise this right.

At our law firm, we do our best to help Colorado residents who are facing assault charges. To be convicted of a violent crime is to go forward in life with a burdensome “black mark” on your criminal record. Anyone who is facing this potential situation may want to visit the assault overview section of our law firm’s website for more information about how we might be able to help craft your criminal defense strategy.