Don’t treat college like a movie

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Now that the Fourth of July has passed, Colorado is only a few short weeks away from college move-in day. It’s an exciting time for new and returning students, where they can test out a special kind of freedom, but sometimes students can go too far.

College antics have long been the subject of comedies in film and television, but some common antics in those formats are real crimes in real life. Keep that in mind before attempting any hijinks such as:

Throwing toga parties

The eponymous “toga” party from Animal House, where attendees wear sheets wrapped around them in homage to the Romans, can cause noise violations and public intoxication. If and when it is broken up, there is a great chance that disorderly conduct charges will be forthcoming.

Pranks on unsuspecting targets

Whoopie cushions and the occasional unscrewed salt shaker are one thing. Elaborately planned, and executed, pranks targeting a person unaware has a serious chance of causing harm. It could stray into assault or harassment, and the pranksters can be in serious trouble.

Stealing signs

Stealing road signs and mementos from around campus is a common practice. It is also theft of public property. If you are caught with stolen property or in the act of stealing it, this will seriously complicate your education.

Is it worth the risk?

Putting your future at risk, with jail time and implications to your permanent record, for the chance at college shenanigans is not a great idea. Make the right choices at school, so you can build a future for yourself. If you make a mistake, however, you still have options.