Defend yourself: You have rights if you’re charged with a DUI

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Dui

You were heading home when you started to feel unwell. You didn’t have anything alcoholic to drink at lunch, but you didn’t sleep well last night. You chalked off the feeling of being tired. 

What you didn’t know then, and what you later found out, was that your drink was alcoholic. You had ordered a nonalcoholic drink, but the waitress got yours mixed up with a mixed drink made with the same soda for your friend. As a result, your drive home was done when you were less than sober, and your friend wasn’t intoxicated at all.

Mistakes happen, but this one has put you in a compromising position. You’re facing DUI charges for driving while impaired, even though you were under the limit. The officer claimed that you were weaving and driving dangerously, leading to your arrest.

It’s your right to fight back

When you find out that you aren’t to blame for your own intoxication or you know that the charges against you are unfair, it’s always smart to fight against the allegations. Your attorney can help by:

  • Questioning the legitimacy of the arrest
  • Questioning how accurate the Breathalyzer test was
  • Examining how you became intoxicated and if you weren’t aware
  • Investigating if the officer was trained to give the sobriety tests
  • Looking for other possible ways to mitigate the charges or consequences of the arrest

It is possible to overcome charges so that you can protect yourself against a DUI conviction and all the penalties that would come with it. Our website has more on defending yourself against DUI or DWAI charges. You deserve support, and a simple mistake shouldn’t be allowed to damage your future.