A night at the club? You could have been drugged

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Dui

You and your friends went out for a night on the town, but you found you weren’t feeling well a few hours in. You had a drink or two at the bar, both nonalcoholic, but you just weren’t feeling better. You felt hot and dizzy, so you decided to head home.

As you drove home, you were not in good control of your vehicle. An officer ended up pulling your over. They accused you of being intoxicated. When you couldn’t complete the roadside sobriety tests, you ended up being arrested.

In your mind, you thought that you were just starting to get sick. What you didn’t know was that you were a victim of being roofied. According to some statistics from the University of South Carolina, around one in 13 college students report being drugged or suspecting that they’d been drugged. It’s not a surprise that you may have been as well.

After a DUI arrest, how can you show that you were drugged unknowingly?

There is a hope that the officer would have sought a blood test to determine if you were on drugs. If so, then that might come back with an indication of the kind of drugs in your system. If they are drugs like rohypnol, then it would make sense that you may have been drugged without your knowledge.

If you aren’t hospitalized or if blood isn’t taken to show which drugs were in your system, you can still defend yourself against unfair DUI allegations. Your attorney will focus on the fact that you weren’t impaired by alcohol and fight to defend your rights.