Area drug string leads to multiple arrests

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

According to law enforcement authorities, officers from different agencies executed search warrants at various locations in Fort Collins and also made multiple arrests as part of a drug sting.

The police wound up arresting six people on various drug charges. The most serious charges included conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and violations of laws prohibiting organized crime.

In the course of their investigations and raids on various Fort Collins addresses, police said they uncovered evidence of drug use.

They reported seizing several different types of drugs and medication commonly traded illegally, and they also said that they found cash and some currency that was counterfeit.

They also said that they found firearms, some of which were either stolen or had the serial number etched off.

Law enforcement officers said that they were continuing to investigate and expect to make additional arrests.

Of course, being caught up in a drug sting does not make a person guilty. The police and prosecutors will have to prove every charge they levy beyond a reasonable doubt.

On a related point, they will also have to show that at every stage in the investigation, they acted in accord with state law and the federal Constitution.

If an accused person can show that the police or prosecutors violated his or her rights, then they may be able to convince a judge not to consider any evidence the police found as a result of unlawful activity.

It can be surprisingly for someone to get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of drug crimes they did not commit. In other cases, a person may be overcharged and facing penalties disproportionate to any crime they committed.