NFL player arrested; faces violent crime charges

by | May 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

Weapons charges are serious in Colorado. It can be an incident that escalates to the point where someone brandishes or fires a gun and causes injury or death to another person or it can occur as part of a robbery. In some cases, the person who is accused is relatively prominent and can have his or her entire life upended by criminal charges and a conviction. To address these allegations, it is wise to prepare a strong criminal defense.

An NFL player was arrested and faces multiple charges for allegedly firing a gun. The player, Cody Latimer, was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2014 and spent four seasons with the club, winning a Super Bowl ring. He is now a member of the Washington Redskins. The 27-year-old Mr. Latimer was at a gathering in an apartment when witnesses stated they heard people arguing and then a gunshot. When officers arrived, they found several people in the residence, including Mr. Latimer. One man was injured, but had not been shot.

According to law enforcement, Mr. Latimer had an argument with another person at the apartment who was accused of sexually abusing his young son. The resident of the apartment had asked everyone to leave. Mr. Latimer came back a half-hour later with the weapon and brandished it. He is said to have made threats to kill the people in the apartment and fired two shots. He was arrested and charged with gun charges, assault and more. The investigation is ongoing.

Weapons charges and other criminal allegations are serious for anyone and can impact their future in myriad ways. For someone whose career has a relatively short window like a professional athlete, jail time and public disfavor that accompanies charges this serious can hinder their life for many years. Jail time, fines and other consequences are possible if there is a conviction. Addressing these charges requires a deft legal touch and pointing out potential mitigating circumstances such as Mr. Latimer’s belief that a man at the party abused his son.

Perhaps there is a way to reduce the charges. The situation could be such that the case may result in an acquittal. There are various aspects of any case involving violent crimes that must be considered. People who have been accused of violent crimes should remember that they have rights. This is especially true in felony charges. A law firm that has helped many people with criminal defense can investigate the case and formulate a strategy. Consulting with a qualified legal firm may be critical to a positive outcome.