Here’s what it means to have an ignition interlock device

by | May 15, 2020 | Dui

There are a whole host of penalties that might be handed down to you if you are convicted of drunk driving. Sure, jail time and license revocation are very real possibilities, but so, too, is the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock system. These systems require you to provide a breath sample that is tested for alcohol. Only once passed will your vehicle start. You also have to provide periodic samples while driving. This can have serious ramifications on your life.

First, you’ll be responsible for the costs associated with installing the ignition interlock device system. This can be another financial burden on you at a time when you are already struggling to find a way to pay fines associated with your conviction.

Second, you’re required to get your ignition interlock device system serviced every 60 days. If you fail to do so, then you could wind up facing further license suspension. This means you need to be aware of service periods, where the device can be serviced, and recognize when the device has been acting faulty and is in need of servicing.

Third, failing ignition interlock device tests can subject you to additional penalties. In fact, if your device detects alcohol on your breath in three months in any 12-month period, then your license can be suspended and the length of mandatory ignition interlock device compliance can be lengthened.

So when are you required to implement one of these devices? Generally, any per se DUI conviction will subject you to mandatory compliance with an ignition interlock device, but the length of compliance will depend on the specifics of your offense. Refusing to submit to a chemical test can also result in a lengthy requirement of compliance. So, if you’re hoping to avoid the penalties associated with a DUI conviction, including the implementation of an ignition interlock device, then you might want to consider discussing your unique set of facts with a criminal defense attorney of your choosing.