Record Of Success Handling DUI/DWAI Cases

It's one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about drunk driving arrests: "The cops have all the evidence they need, so why should I bother with a lawyer?" Law enforcement officers can make mistakes, however, and a knowledgeable lawyer can find those mistakes.

Even though you face serious consequences after a drunk driving arrest — including driver's license suspension, a fine and/or jail time — you may decide you have no choice but to accept the charges against you. Before you make that decision, contact a Fort Collins lawyer at the office of Eric A. Sunness, Attorney At Law, LLC. Our firm offers a free initial consultation, student discounts and a reasonable flat fee for drunk driving offenses.

Law Firm That Has Handled Over 1,000 Drunk Driving Cases

Being arrested in Colorado for driving under the influence can have major life consequences. After you've been pulled over for a DUI, call us for staunch legal representation and protection of your license in:

We also offer skilled representation to clients in DMV hearings and for those facing charges of driving under restraint or driving under suspension or habitual traffic offender (HTO) violations.

Effective Defense In Court And University Hearings

We take the same approach to drunk driving and criminal defense representation. We do not sugarcoat the truth or hide the ball from the prosecution. Our goals are to set reasonable expectations with clients and work out a resolution that is acceptable to the client and the prosecution. This approach has won our firm the respect of the legal community and our clients.

In addition to handling first-time driving under the influence/driving while ability impaired (DUI/DWAI) offenses and repeat drinking and driving offenses, we also handle other related cases, including boating under the influence, vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter. Further, our firm represents clients not only in court but also in student disciplinary hearings and at administrative hearings.

Can I Refuse A Sobriety Test?

Colorado state law gives drivers a choice. If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you can choose between taking a Breathalyzer test at the scene or being transported to a hospital to have your blood tested. But what if you want to refuse testing altogether?

You cannot refuse testing without risking mandatory — and strict — penalties for refusing. These penalties may be more strict than the penalties for failing a sobriety test. The rationale behind the law is that you effectively consented to testing when you exercised the privilege of driving on Colorado's roads.

Providing Free Initial Consultations

To learn what to do if you get pulled over or to discuss your legal options, call 970-372-2036 or complete the online intake form. Our office is conveniently located in Fort Collins near the Justice Center at the intersection of College Avenue and East Oak Street. Our lawyer also meets clients at the jail when necessary.