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Domestic violence statistics lead to harsh enforcement of laws

There is no doubt that domestic violence is a serious issue in America, and Colorado is not exempt from this concern. There are prevalent statistics that show that domestic violence can occur in many different family situations, across the entire spectrum of socioeconomical status. However, the spotlight that is on domestic violence, especially in recent years, may be leading to overly harsh application of laws that can lead to arrests and convictions, perhaps undeserved.

The wide-ranging consequences of a domestic violence conviction

American society seems to have lost sight of the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" when it comes to criminal charges. Widespread media coverage of the initial facts and allegations in a criminal case are rarely supplemented with additional facts as the case develops. The "sensationalism" aspect of criminal case media coverage certainly is not in favor of a Colorado resident who is charged with a crime.

Change in definition of domestic violence could have consequences

Colorado residents know that being charged with a domestic violence crime comes with all sorts of negative consequences. For starters, just being arrested for this type of criminal charge can come with an immediate social stigma. Friends and family members may view the individual differently, or the charge may impact a custody arrangement related to children. Then, if a conviction does come from the case, the defendant will likely face jail time, fines, probation and probably an order to attend counseling or anger control classes.

Defense against harsh consequences of a domestic violence charge

There are many criminal charges that come with a social stigma, regardless of whether the charge ultimately leads to a conviction. Domestic violence charges can be included in this category. Even if the charge is ultimately dismissed, or the defendant pleads guilty to another charge instead, simply being charged with domestic violence can come with some harsh consequences.

Domestic violence statistics could influence prosecution

When Colorado residents have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense as the result of a domestic violence incident, they will likely face more problems than just the criminal justice process. In our society, there are some criminal allegations that come with quite a bit of social stigma. Domestic violence charges are among those crimes. Conscious of this reality, and the statistics about domestic violence, some prosecutors may put extra effort into a domestic violence case.

What should you know about domestic violence law in Colorado?

Over the past few decades there has been a rising awareness about domestic violence as an issue that is present in households throughout the country. As a result of this issue, many states have enacted specific laws about domestic violence, which can lead to significant consequences for a person who is convicted of such a charge. So, what do our readers need to know about domestic violence law in Colorado?

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