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Defending against assault charges in Colorado

Most people in Colorado have found themselves in tense situations with other people before, but not every instance of tension between individuals leads to a physical altercation. But, unfortunately, sometimes physical altercations do occur. The circumstances of the incident may matter more to the people involved than it does to any law enforcement officials or prosecutors who get involved in the case. Either way, someone may end up facing an assault charge due to these situations.

What are the basics about assault laws in Colorado?

Not every confrontation between two individuals in Colorado turns physical. But, when such a situation does occur, one or more individuals could be facing assault charges. Anyone who is facing such a charge would likely benefit from knowing more information about assault laws in Colorado.

Suspect faces assault charge for allegedly hitting police officer

Any type of assault charge that a person faces in Colorado will be a difficult case to address for the defendant. Alleged violent crimes always are. However, when the alleged victim in such a case is a police officer, the defendant involved should expect to see a vigorous effort from law enforcement officials and the prosecution.

Fight at bar in Colorado leads to one arrest

The typical "barroom brawl" has been depicted in countless movies and television shows. But, despite the seemingly fictional nature of these types of scenes, the reality is that often, the combination of alcohol and short-tempers does, in fact, lead to fights in bars. That is true in our state and throughout the country.

Suspect arrested in alleged assault on Uber driver

A previous post here mentioned the potential consequences of an assault conviction for Colorado residents. Make no mistake - an assault charge can be difficult to overcome. There are oftentimes eyewitnesses to the incident, as well as potential injuries that can be photographed by law enforcement officials and later shown to a jury to incite their views on the effect of the assault.

Protect yourself against an assault conviction

There are many types of crimes in Colorado and throughout the country that are labeled as "violent" crimes. Assault is one of them. Being charged with a violent crime is a serious matter, as any subsequent conviction that results from the charges can lead to a term of imprisonment, a lengthy probation term and even costly fines and court costs.

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